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PRINT > TRIM & CUT > COLLECT – Revolutionary All-In-One Workflow

January 1, 2014 |  by  |  Super Wide Printing, UV Inkjet  |  No Comments

The immense success of Matan’s Inline Finishing Solution for the Barak Super-Wide Hybrid UV printer did not come to us a surprise. We sensed that this awesome optional feature will catch on, and indeed, since we released our Inline Finishing solution, almost all of the Barak and UViStar shipments included our innovative slitters and cutter.

Barak 8Q sheet collector

To perfect our Printing & Cutting workflow even further, Matan’s R&D have come up with a very simple but highly effective Sheet Collector Kit, that takes care of  conveying the printed sheets after trimming and cutting from the printer onto a collector, for easy and neat stacking of the printed output.

The kit is made up of two parts: a conveyor belt that fits on the printer’s front roll and uses its motion to convey each sheet to the collector, which is an adjustable slide where the cut sheets are collected. Both parts are lightweight and easy to install and their tiny footprint make them convenient for storage.

View this short video to see how it works:

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