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Optimizing Multi-File Printing on Multi-rolls

September 12, 2012 |  by  |  Super Wide Printing, UV Inkjet  |  No Comments

autoarrange files

Many of today’s Super-Wide printers have a multi-roll capability. So what’s the news? After all, no super-wide print provider prints only huge signs. And as the print quality of super-wide printers is so good, print shops use super wide printers for small jobs as well. You want to be able to use all this enormous printing capacity for doing as many small jobs as you can. Multi-roll allows you to print multiple smaller jobs simultaneously, on several smaller rolls.

Saving valuable printer time is the main objective when using multi-rolls on a super-wide format printer. That, and of course increasing the printer’s yield. You can print a number of jobs from several different clients at the same time, as long as they use the same media. Read More

How much is left on the roll?

July 18, 2012 |  by  |  Super Wide Printing, UV Inkjet  |  1 Comment
Is there enough media left ?

Is there enough media left ?

Look at this everyday scenario from your print-shop floor: You have a 17 meter long job to print on PVC banner. On the PVC banner shelf in your media storage there are several used rolls that seem just about the right length. How can you tell which one of them actually has enough media on it?

Obviously, you do not want to run short. On the other hand, you don’t want to get stuck with a small leftover that is not long enough for anything.

media storage

Printshop media storage

We held a little test among more than 20 experienced production managers at wide-format printing plants. We asked them to estimate how many meters of media were left on this previously used role just by looking at it. Only one of them got it exactly right. Of course, I do not question the professionalism of those managers. It just goes to demonstrate how hard it is to tell if a specific roll has enough media on it for your next print job.

Barak 8Q Media Saving Wizard 

The Barak 8Q Media Saving Wizard changes the entire approach to media management. No more mistakes resulting from false roll length calculations. From now on each roll of media will be utilized to the end. Read More