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10 Ways to Save Money with the Barak Super-Wide Hybrid UV Printer

July 17, 2014 |  by  |  Super Wide Printing, UV Inkjet  |  No Comments

Did you know that the Barak Printer can save quite a lot of $$$$ compared to other printers?

Here’s how:

1. Save as much as $20,000 a year on media – The Barak’s media path ensures that no more than 40cm (15.7”) of the roll is wasted at each media loading.  In comparison, other printers waste about 150-200 cm each time a roll is loaded. This is 5 times less wasted media compared to other printers!
(read more about this 
2. Save up to $100,000 on expensive cutting equipment and economize floor space with the unique Barak Inline Finishing System, that does all the trimming and sheeting on the fly while printing, in a single efficient workflow.
(Find out more 
Barak Inline Finishing System
3. Use the Vacuum Plate for printing on thin sheets and rigid boards. The revolutionary Vacuum Plate turns the Barak into a true flatbed printer without compromises.
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Barak8QW with Vacuum Plate
4. Save money on dedicated printers for various media. The Barak prints literally on everything, including flexible media such as PVC banner, PE, polyethylene, SAV self-adhesive vinyl, Paper, Mesh, Flag, Textile, Blue back paper, Carpet, Synthetic paper, Tyvek, Yupo, Wallpaper, One-way vision, canvas, and many other types of coated and uncoated media, at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated printer.
5. Save ink – The Barak printers have the lowest ink consumption compared to other super-wide format UV printers, due to its thin layer thickness and efficient drop screening. The approximate average ink consumption is 180 m2 per 1 liter (1940 ft2/liter)!
May I ask you: what is the ink consumption on your printer?
6.  Analyze your shop’s performance on all variables using the Barak Value-Pro Analytics Software. You can easily check your annual media or ink consumption, find out how many hours your printers are active, how long it takes for each of your operators to complete jobs, and much more. This invaluable business data will allow you to identify where and how to further improve efficiencies and increase savings.
7. Save even more media and minimize media roll length calculation errors with the Barak’s Media Saving Wizard, that prints a label stating the amount of media left on each roll. (read more)  
8. Save manpower – free your staff for other tasks, with the Barak single-person loading system.
9. Save on training and on apprenticeship and shorten operators’ learning curves with the Barak’s ease of use and its brilliant automated systems, such as Automatic Backlit and Automatic Blockout printing, be means of which even less experienced operators can produce superb results at producing challenging double-sided applications.
10. Lower environmental costs and minimize waste disposal – using UV ink, there is no need for ventilation and filtrations and you can also save by by using popular low-cost recyclable media supported by the Barak, such as PE.

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Matan Revolutionizes Grand Format Printing Workflow, Saving you Time and Money

April 3, 2013 |  by  |  Super Wide Printing, UV Inkjet  |  1 Comment

Cutting and Trimming On-The-Fly While Printing

Printing is the most important stage in the production of a sign, but it is seldom the last one. Depending on how the sign will be used, it will have to undergo some type of post processes, such as welding, hemming etc. However, regardless of the required post process, all signs first need to pass through the cutting station, to be trimmed and cut to their final size.


How great could it be if prints could come off of the printer already trimmed and cut? What if you could entirely skip the cutting station for straight edges and save all the associated steps and expenses, including expensive equipment, floor space, staff, special software drivers, and most importantly – time and possibility for fatal human or other mistakes in the worst moment? Read More

Optimizing Multi-File Printing on Multi-rolls

September 12, 2012 |  by  |  Super Wide Printing, UV Inkjet  |  No Comments

autoarrange files

Many of today’s Super-Wide printers have a multi-roll capability. So what’s the news? After all, no super-wide print provider prints only huge signs. And as the print quality of super-wide printers is so good, print shops use super wide printers for small jobs as well. You want to be able to use all this enormous printing capacity for doing as many small jobs as you can. Multi-roll allows you to print multiple smaller jobs simultaneously, on several smaller rolls.

Saving valuable printer time is the main objective when using multi-rolls on a super-wide format printer. That, and of course increasing the printer’s yield. You can print a number of jobs from several different clients at the same time, as long as they use the same media. Read More

Backlit Printing Made Simple and Easy

August 16, 2012 |  by  |  Super Wide Printing, UV Inkjet  |  3 Comments

Who doesn’t want their signs to be bright, beautiful and attention drawing at all hours of the day and the night? That is why backlit signage is being used. Backlit signs are designed to be viewed mainly when illuminated from the back, while the ambient lighting – natural daylight or artificial – serves to compliment the viewing conditions, displaying striking, eye catching images around the clock. Backlits are often used outdoors for  bus shelters and directional signage and indoors in large spaces, such as malls, airports, train stations etc.

Creating backlits has always been and still continues to be one of the most challenging print applications. Matan Digital Printers has come up with a brilliant automation solution for this challenge, using a patented software algorithm. This unique solution is implemented on the new Barak 8Q printer.

Read More

How much is left on the roll?

July 18, 2012 |  by  |  Super Wide Printing, UV Inkjet  |  1 Comment
Is there enough media left ?

Is there enough media left ?

Look at this everyday scenario from your print-shop floor: You have a 17 meter long job to print on PVC banner. On the PVC banner shelf in your media storage there are several used rolls that seem just about the right length. How can you tell which one of them actually has enough media on it?

Obviously, you do not want to run short. On the other hand, you don’t want to get stuck with a small leftover that is not long enough for anything.

media storage

Printshop media storage

We held a little test among more than 20 experienced production managers at wide-format printing plants. We asked them to estimate how many meters of media were left on this previously used role just by looking at it. Only one of them got it exactly right. Of course, I do not question the professionalism of those managers. It just goes to demonstrate how hard it is to tell if a specific roll has enough media on it for your next print job.

Barak 8Q Media Saving Wizard 

The Barak 8Q Media Saving Wizard changes the entire approach to media management. No more mistakes resulting from false roll length calculations. From now on each roll of media will be utilized to the end. Read More