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Backlit Printing Made Simple and Easy

August 16, 2012 |  by  |  Super Wide Printing, UV Inkjet  |  3 Comments

Who doesn’t want their signs to be bright, beautiful and attention drawing at all hours of the day and the night? That is why backlit signage is being used. Backlit signs are designed to be viewed mainly when illuminated from the back, while the ambient lighting – natural daylight or artificial – serves to compliment the viewing conditions, displaying striking, eye catching images around the clock. Backlits are often used outdoors for  bus shelters and directional signage and indoors in large spaces, such as malls, airports, train stations etc.

Creating backlits has always been and still continues to be one of the most challenging print applications. Matan Digital Printers has come up with a brilliant automation solution for this challenge, using a patented software algorithm. This unique solution is implemented on the new Barak 8Q printer.

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